Feeding You Knowledge without the Search

Huna continuously monitors what you type, feeding you useful, instant, and relevant information at the exact moment you need it, eliminating any search engine distractions and saving you time. Make your work more thoughtful and accurate than ever.

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Communicate With Confidence

Access critical information when writing Microsoft Outlook emails to team members. Huna will provide you with everything from contract reference numbers, to team members’ birthdays, calendar access, and more.

Create Presentations Like A Pro

Huna will serve you the facts and visuals needed to convey your ideas, helping you maintain your inspiration when creating Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. No need to stop working and dig through Google or other image repositories.

Become A Communications Guru

Accurately understand what you are writing to your teammates, colleagues, or customers. Huna will perceive your tone behind the text.

Write With Perfection

Maintain flow as you write professional and researched documents, without ever leaving Microsoft Word. Huna presents you with relevant information as you write.

Subscribe To A Library
To Receive Its Insights

Safely control and distribute your organization’s knowledge. Individuals access exactly what they need without searching for it.

Employee Handbook

Sales Inventory

Organization Personnel

Use a Template to create your own Library, or Copy an existing Library to fine-tune it to your needs. You have full control over your Libraries’ privacy.

Sync My OneDrive

My Office365 Calendar

Our Family Cookbook

Meet your advising needs with a single click by subscribing to a Public Library. Share and collaborate with both crowdsourced and authoritative sources.

Current Heads of State and Government

Beer Types and Stats

Spanish Words/Phrases

Our Add-Ins Put Knowledge At Your Fingertips

Maintain Flow

Huna eliminates extraneous distractions by providing the right information you need exactly when you need it. Work more and search less.


Huna works as fast as you do to ensure your work is authoritative, precise, and professional.

Uncover Insights

Huna draws upon an expansive knowledge base to provide analysis and connections between your areas of interest.

Trusted To Provide Information
Where It Matters Most

“I oversee hundreds of projects across the contracts I manage. It is impossible for me to stay up to date on each, and I just don’t have the time to look for information. With HUNA, the information I need automatically appears on my screen when I need it the most.”

Alexander Granados
CEO, Prescient Edge

“GAI is an experienced, award-winning, value-added reseller. The amount of information my staff need to know is enormous and is always growing. HUNA can help us operate more efficiently and with greater confidence to maintain peak customer value.”

Jay V. Lambke
President, Government Acquisitions Incorporated

“As a doctoral student and instructor, time management is a top priority. HUNA helps me to maximize efficiency while also maintaining the perfection I need in my profession. Having access to critical information without having to spend hours researching allows me to save time in my career so that I have more to spend with my family. HUNA is not just a software, but a lifestyle.”

Ariana Morris, B.S.
Doctor of Audiology 2022,
James Madison University

“As a full time student-athlete at the University of Miami, I have to maximize my time in school and on the track. Often, I found myself spending way too much of that time reviewing, researching, and double checking myself. HUNA has allowed me to be incredibly efficient by helping research accurate information for all of my essays & assignments.”

Dillon Fields
Class of 2023,
University of Miami

Built Secure, From the Ground Up: We take your privacy and security very seriously

Huna was designed with a modern DevOpsSec approach, integrating security as part of our development. Huna uses industry best practices guided by NIST which has included integrating STIG requirements, static code analysis, building resilient pipelines, and much more. As part of our continuous optimization and security processes, Huna’s security experts continue to evaluate and remediate security findings as they emerge and guide the developers while any patches or enhancements are made. Huna protects data both in transit and at rest to ensure the highest levels of protection are in place to safeguard your enterprise libraries.

Huna is designed to work with secure classified and unclassified networks. Let us know how we can make your job easier and your organization more effective.


Please refer to our FAQ page to find answers to commonly asked questions about how Huna works and how to get started.


Our API was created for organizations that use Huna as a data lookup tool and want to automate functionality.