HUNA’s mission is to elevate digital conversations.

Our goal is to eliminate misunderstandings and provide exceptional fidelity in digital conversations by more closely emulating the effectiveness of human interactions aided by immediate and accurate expert counsel.

Conversations are increasingly digital. We are more connected than ever, yet there is a growing, tangible disconnect. In some ways, it seems more difficult than ever to recognize and remember the importance of thoughtful, well-researched discourse, free of misinformation.

Misinformation and misunderstandings often…

Begin unintentionally,


propagate quickly,


and cause harm.

Huna will help prevent this!

Written communications need to be precise because the recipient is limited to interpret only what is typed & transmitted.

Unlike face-to-face conversation, digital conversation lacks the human mechanisms for clarification of intent. With any ambiguity arises the potential for misunderstanding, from simple disconnects, to costly errors, to hurt feelings.

The world has changed, more people are working remotely, and must write responses in isolation.

This separation means it is more difficult to individually remember more facts or be aware of more relevant information when writing in this new  environment. Wrong errors are costly for people and organizations.

Our digital expert counsel is designed to give you:



Eliminate misunderstandings before they ever start.



Receive key information before you even know you need it.



Your community or organization’s specific knowledge at your fingertips.

We believe in winning back thoughtful discourse by using technology to aid the individual with expertise at their fingertips to make conversation more effortlessly truthful.

Pueo Business Solutions LLC is exclusively licensed to offer Huna services.

Huna’s prioritization algorithm is being developed by Abiobot engineers.

Abiobot is a company dedicated to automation scientific processes and was co-founded by Raghu Machiraju. Raghu additionally serves both as a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University and as a Principal Data Scientist at the Translational Data Analytics Institute on campus. He is architecting a framework that will allow Huna’s prioritization algorithms to (I) find the most worthy information and create informative libraries and (II) retrieve and present information of greatest relevance to a user for a given task-at-hand.