Huna Developer API

For organizations that use Huna as a data lookup tool and want to automate the upload of data to their Huna libraries.

Your API Key

Your free-pass to control your Huna account as-you-like-it.

API Docs

Live test your integration.

Endless Possibilities With Huna API


How do I use this API?

Simply connect your application to the API, and set it up for seeding data automatically to Huna on a recurring basis.

How do I access this capability?

Everyone with a Huna account already has access to this API. Head over to your Huna profile and grab your key.

How do I connect an existing system to Huna?

Huna gives you an API. You will need to write code to act as a data broker between your system and Huna database.

Huna API provides you several options to manipulate the data you own.

People are using Huna API for

Creating data management software

Simply create a library to hold your PO or Inventory data, setup the API to load this on a recurring basis, and voila! Your Word window is now your inventory lookup portal.

Creating awesome presentations

Setup the API to load your favorite quotes, references, and clipart into a Huna library and you have it all handy in your PowerPoint sidebar.

Training customer service staff

Flag inappropriate language and prevent disclosure of proprietary data by loading keywords into a Huna library, which feeds into your customer support staff’s Outlook email pane.