Is my data secure?

We take your privacy and security very seriously. Huna uses a defense-in-depth strategy to keep your data safe. By default, information that you add to Huna is visible ONLY to YOU. We use industry leading storage and infrastructure mechanisms to ensure that your data is as safe as possible. We use filters to make sure your most sensitive data is never sent in transit. Additionally, our configurable security controls make it easy to specifically tailor WHO, WHAT, and WHEN data is accessed to specifically meet the needs of you and your organization.

Huna was designed with a modern DevOpsSec approach, integrating security as part of our development. Huna uses industry best practices guided by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) which has included integrating STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide) requirements, static code analysis, building resilient pipelines, and much more. As part of our continuous optimization and security processes, Pueo’s security experts continue to evaluate and remediate security findings as they emerge and guide the developers while any patches or enhancements are made. Huna protects data in transit and at rest to ensure the highest levels of protection are in place to safeguard your enterprise libraries.

What’s the purpose of the “search terms” field?

The search terms field is a collection of keywords that will tell Huna when to render information regarding a subject. For instance, if a record has the search terms “Trump” and “President”, then the following sentences will tell Huna to render that record: “Today the president flew to China” and “Trump’s advisors met”.

What happens if I have more than one record with the same name?

Huna will return multiple records as options, displaying its library title and “record title” field for you to choose the record you want to see. For this reason, you must apply as much detail as possible in the “record title” field to help Huna find the correct record you want.

When I subscribe to a library, why don’t I get updates when the library is modified?

Make sure you clicked on “Subscribe” and not “Clone”.

“Clone” creates a copy of the library under your account that you can freely edit and use.

“Subscribe” links the original library to your account, providing you with updates from the author. You cannot edit a subscribed library because it still belongs to the original author.

Can I use Huna for business purposes?

Absolutely.  You just can’t sell Huna.

Can you get Huna onto our private network and engineer feeds to our private databases?

Absolutely – we’d love to help you realize Huna’s full business value to support your mission.

Drop us a line here.

Can Huna receive data automatically from other sources, such as my Office365 Calendar?

Huna supports the ability to automatically ingest your Office365 Calendar. After logging in, head over to your profile to connect your Office365 account.

If you are a developer, you should view our API Docs to see how you can build Insightful solutions for yourself or your organization.